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The top three requested gloves during Covid are Nitrile, Vinyl, and Latex. Latex is made of natural rubber and due to some allergies, often providers seek synthetic material gloves such as Nitrile, Vinyl, or other Synthetic material gloves. 

Gloves can come in many standards, civil type use, industrial use, exam or medical use, etc. The glove criteria for production vary depending on the standard you choose, otherwise, the gloves look and feel similar. Gloves are typically used to protect against cross-contamination in various environments and to protect the wearer's skin at the same time. Gloves are typically used in environments such as hospitals, clinics, home care environments, labs, industrial or cleaning situations, food processing, IT, and the beauty industry. 

Nitrile Gloves are typically waterproof, and protect against microbes with limited protection against sharp objects and/or chemicals. These are the most requested gloves to use when someone has a latex allergy, and usually cost the most as well. There are other synthetic gloves similar, but these typically are the best feeling outside of latex gloves to wear for long periods and they are designed to be flexible to minimize stress on the hands, including optional features like textured fingertips and different thickness options. The standard thickness is 4-6mil.

Vinyl Gloves are also waterproof and intended for short-term general use that does not cause them to be subjected to hard mechanical stress. These are a great option when someone has a Latex allergy and typically the cheaper version of gloves on the market during Covid. These are typically latex-free, soft and the standard is that they are powder-free.

Latex Gloves are rated for long-term use. They are waterproof and good protection for microbes with some limited protection against strong mechanical stress. They are a great combination of strength, elasticity, and slip-resistant. Because of the thickness and elasticity, they perform well in high-risk or high-duty situations and fit comfortably.