Whether you are looking for a new supplier, a more reliable supplier or a critical supplier of products or services, we are here to connect you with a new standard of procurement.

Uniquely positioned to validate quality of service or products prior to shipment, its global operations bring a 15-year track record of helping entities in 42 countries, including the United States.With a FDA license to import as well as a special FDA license to repack and distribute, CHA customers have the confidence they need to acquire and position goods in multiple ways that meet their needs. Our private network of resources and suppliers allow us to customize your procurement needs to tailor products or supplemental services to meet your needs.

  • Your Supplier for Life

    CHA leverages their vertically integrated supply chain to provide you with high availability products at the best prices. Looking for volume discounts? Speak with a sales representative today.

  • Specializing in the Supply chain

    Based in Atlanta Geogia, our team focuses on getting the the lowest price on all our products. This website represents only a small portion of our catalog. We have over 500 product SKU's availble for order today.