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Test Kits and Test Strips

The three most common types of approved Covid test options are Antibody, Antigen and PCR. You should only be using EUA approvals by the FDA for any Covid testing products according to approval standards outlined in the FDA approval for each type of test.

Antibody testing is what looks like a pregnancy test. You put a drop of blood on the stick, add a buffer fluid and read the lines in 5-15 minutes for results. Ability to test for current mid stage exposure to Covid19 via IgM as well as past exposure within 30 days via IgG. Ability for rapid results or CLIA lab verified results within 24-48 hours. This cannot be used to diagnose Covid19, only to determine if more screening is necessary.

The Rapid Antigen Tests are available with results in 5-20 minutes. Some do not require a machine to read results and some do. These tests typically require a nasal or throat swab where the DNA/RNA is put on a small cartridge similar to the Antibody tests. If you confirm with a machine, typically the onsite machines are required to be remote supervised by an external CLIA laboratory for validation. Some of our providers offer free machines with a minimum purchase.

Rapid PCR Tests phrase can be misleading. During Covid we are still seeing some clinics say they have Rapid PCR Tests available but then require the throat or nasal swabs to be sent into a laboratory and can take 2-5 days for results. We do have some labs and providers that allow you overnight in your samples and we can provide results typically within 24 hours of receipt. This package includes all packaging, overnight labels and we can match clinicians to come on site with a minimum usage requirement to take tests. The next best option is a true Rapid PCF test that can give results within 20 minutes if the provider has a machine on site to process the results. The most popular option at this time is the Rapid PCR Combo test. It not only tests for Covid within 20 minutes, but can also test you for Flu A, Flu B and RSV at the same time. Again with a minimum order, many of our manufacturers provide a machine for analyzing official results.

We have custom options, such as mobile labs on site, travelling clinicians to assist in taking or processing test results, etc depending on your need