Collection: Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Medical devices are used in many diverse settings, for example, by laypersons at home, by paramedical staff and clinicians in remote clinics, by opticians and dentists, and by healthcare professionals in advanced medical facilities, for prevention and screening, and in palliative care. Such health technologies are used to diagnose illness, monitor treatments, assist disabled people, and intervene and treat illnesses, both acute and chronic. One example of which is the ventilator.

Ventilators are in high demand during Covid. They help people get the oxygen that is having issues with their lungs. A non-invasive ventilator is one that is like a mask typically that fits over your face and gives you oxygen. An example of this is a C-pap machine. They are less expensive so more people might have these at homes, offices, small clinics, etc. 

Another type of ventilator is the invasive type ventilator. This is when the body can’t breathe on its own or needs more assistance. If you have ever seen where there is a hold in the neck where the air is pushed into the body, this is an example of an invasive ventilator. This machine is typically large and more intrinsic as it has to control the temperature and pressure of the oxygen and Co2 as it is going in and out of the body. Most invasive ventilators have the ability to be used as a non-invasive ventilators when needed. These are typically very expensive and usually reserved for hospitals or those that have a larger budget.